Coffee 101

Fresh Coffee

There are hundreds of aromatic flavour compounds in coffee, but they stale rapidly. That’s why stale coffee tastes flat and boring. In fact, coffee is best consumed within 30 days of the roasting date. That’s why, at Grab-a-Java, we stamp every bag with the date the beans were roasted on. You know you’re getting the freshest beans possible.

An easy way to check and see if your coffee has gone stale is to look at the beans. An oily bean is a stale bean!

Coffee Tips!

  • Not sure how to store your fresh roasted coffee? Here are a few tips:
  • Never store your coffee in the fridge or freezer! Coffee is a better odor absorber than baking soda. Nobody likes onion-flavoured coffee!
  • If possible, buy whole bean coffee and grind it yourself as needed. The staling process intensifies rapidly once coffee is ground.
  • Not everyone has access to a coffee grinder. We’re more than happy to grind your coffee for you at the roasterie or café! To keep it fresh for as long as possible, store your ground coffee in an airtight container.
  • Drink more coffee. 😉

These simple tips will keep your coffee beans fresh for longer. For more tips on coffee freshness and bean quality, follow us on social media for the latest coffee news.