Fresh Coffee

Grab-a-Java was founded in 1994 in Mission, BC, by Dave Perritt. With a focus on coffee quality and a sense of giving back, the café’s roots took hold in this West Coast community. Four years later, Dave began to roast his own coffee, opening new avenues through which to be a community partner both at home and abroad.

In 2004, Dave partnered with the Café Femenino Foundation [internal link to Café Fem page], an organization that helps women and their families in coffee-growing communities. Working with Café Femenino, Dave traveled to Peru and, over the years, has had the opportunity to meet many women farmers who have received grants from the foundation. Grab-a-Java is proud to be the first coffee shop in all of Canada to support Café Femenino. For more information on the foundation and its mandate, click here.

Grab-a-Java is happy to be a part of the Vancouver and Fraser Valley coffee scene as a socially conscious coffee roaster making great coffee and serving the community with pride.

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